Smoking Loon Zinfandel Pairing

Smoking Loon Zinfandel

Here is what we decided today to pair with today’s dinner — Pizza. Today’s Zinfandel Pick This wine comes from Smoking Loon Wineries. Smoking Loon Old Vine Zinfandel is a full-bodied and rich wine with a deep ruby color. Zinfandel is a grape variety that is primarily grown in California. It is a versatile grape … Read more

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Vieni Aglianico Pairing

Grilled steak

Today is our 32nd wedding anniversary! Whoohoo! We had first thought that we would go out for a restaurant meal at the Keg or similar. Instead, we decided to grill our favorite meal — Steak. Today’s Aglianico Pick Vieni Aglianico is a red wine produced by Vieni Estate Winery. They offer a large catalog of … Read more

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What is a Natural Wine?

glasses of red wine

Natural wine is a term that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It refers to wine that is produced with minimal intervention, using traditional or organic methods. Natural wine is not a new concept, but it has gained more attention due to the growing interest in sustainable and organic products. Key Takeaways So what … Read more

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The Role of Oak in Wine Aging

Aging wine in oak barrels

When it comes to wine, there are many factors that contribute to its flavor profile. One of the most important of these is the role of oak in wine aging. Oak barrels have been used in winemaking for centuries, and for good reason. The wood imparts a unique set of flavors and aromas that can … Read more

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