Ridge Road Estate Winery Review

Today Rick & I decided to hit the road and visit another winery since I had the day off and it was nice out. Ridge Road Estate Winery was recommended by Google Maps with a 4.7 rating out of 5.

Ridge Road Estate is a small-batch winery located in Stoney Creek, Ontario. The winery is situated on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, offering stunning views of Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline. With all the forest fire smoke in the air today we could not see the lake at all.

They offer a variety of unique wines, ranging from interesting reds and roses to refreshing whites and bubbles. The winery has a bistro-style tasting room and an outdoor wine patio that are open to visitors. They also offer free local daily deliveries of their “Call Me A Cab” wine.

They describe themselves as: “Casual Winery with an outdoor wine patio, indoor tasting room, and retail store, offering wine tastings, wine by the glass, retail wine purchases, and delivery”


Ada Blythe


The winery was beautiful. The grounds were lovely and the service was friendly and attentive. We found a shady spot under a willow tree, by the pond. Rick had the flight of 4 reds and I had a flight with two reds and two whites and liked all of them. It was quiet and relaxing and epitomized everything a lazy summer afternoon should be.

My rating-

Rick— The grounds were beautiful and the facility was very nicely appointed. A nice sized pond with a fountain. Please wineries, try and make your grounds a little more natural. Let the pond grow some edge plants like Pickerel weed and some lilly pads. But I digress. The excellent staff brought some nice testing choices — I went for red wines, Ada did a mix. Their wines are a bit low on the alcohol content, ranging around 12-13%. I prefer a bit more but this is fine. All of these were very nice and we bought a bottle each of our favorites. Their Merlot was nice and tart — not vinegary, more like a citrus tart. I liked it a lot. I enjoyed it with a nice Sirloin steak.

My rating-

Our Takeaway

We ended up buying four bottles of wine from Ridge Road Estate. Here’s what we purchased:

Ridge Road Estate wines

Finding Ridge Road Estate Winery

It was about a 31-minute drive from where we live to Ridge Road Estate Winery. This area is where the vineyard region in Niagara begins. From here east, it’s solid vineyards and some fruit tree orchards to Niagara Falls.

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